about me hi i'm lola, venus or méigui don't use only one 15 lesbian he him

my print coding, figure skating, danmei, gothic fashion, 2000s and 90s fashion-style, sanrio, blood, weirdcore, liminal spaces and editing!!!

socials retrospring neocities media 2nd acc

guidelines a veces no entiendo el sarcasmo, soy neuro divergente y hablo de mis autolesiones sin tw (nada gráfico solo tweets), tl over dms, heavy spam de mis intereses, no formo parte de ningún sub twt, no valido la pansex o weas bifóbicas
dni mainera o sidera, lgbt fobico, staneas a esta gente, no crees que seungyoun first all rounder, lesbiana política, rad/lib/lesbo/abolofem idk solo no m molestes

extra don't copy me or my crds (w/o permission), don't make non pro tuts and cr angeidiarys if you take inspo/remake one of them, no crd/info = hb

playlist loona, deukae, nct 127, blur, gorillaz, arctic monkeys, pink pantheress, woodz, mitski & much more & playlist

mis amores xiao zhan, yuzuru hanyu, song jiyang, yu shuxin, lu keran, lisa, jeongyeon, chuu, woodz, jaehyun, dami, minji, xiaowen, luo yunxi, zhang linghe (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)

more banana scandal, love for sale°.~♡︎