about me hi i'm kia o ángel 22y ˖𖥔˚₊ méx bisex she him

my print graphic design, 1st-2nd gen kpop, mangas, webtoon, 2000s fashion-style, pink, makeup, Bratz, jewelry !!!

socials retrospring referral resources kofi

guidelines i block freely, don't belong in any subtwt, noisy, heavy spam of interest, no tw/cw, i joke around a lot, tweets en español but eng ok ~
dni -17, annoying kpoper or armi, rada terf, spaniard

extra don't copy me or my crds (w/o permission), don't make non pro tuts and cr angeidiarys if you take inspo/remake one of them, no crd/info = hb

playlist agust d, s.e.s, baby v.o.x, kali uchis, bad bunny, sza, willow, namie amuro, pink pantheress, dpr ian & live & more

mis amores yoongi, sunghoon, ningning (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)

more banana scandal, love for sale°.~♡︎